Best Colorado Ski Resorts

Some of the best ski resorts in the world are in the state of Colorado, but what are the best ski resorts in Colorado itself? Colorado is the home of many great ski resorts and often just saying the word skiing will bring up images of any of a number of these resorts. Still some are better than others and while they are all winners in the minds of many, there are also some that stand out from the pack.

Here are the top ski resorts in Colorado that you will find on almost any top ten lists anywhere around:

• Vail Resort: To say that the Vail Resort is one of the best in North America is an understatement. In fact, the resort has won the honor an unheard of 14 years out of the last 19. This is probably because Vail is what skiing is all about. Vail has over 5,000 acres of skiable terrain and is located just 100 miles outside of Denver. The Vail Resort is one that is full each and every year and is a must see for any ski enthusiast.

• Aspen Highlands Resort: This ski paradise is known as the local’s favorite mountain and it is located just three short miles outside the downtown area of Aspen. The slopes are unbeatable and constantly offer challenges to even the most experienced skiers and snow boarders. Best of all, the mountain is accessible by a free shuttle service that runs from downtown Aspen making it very convent as well as fun.

• Durango Mountain Resort: This resort is located in the San Juan Mountains just 25 miles north of Durango. The area receives an average of 260 inches of snowfall ever year which makes for the ideal skiing conditions. The skiing can range from wide open runs to half-pipe runs and there is never a shortage of action. The slope side condominiums that the ‘Alpine Village’ at the resort offers are a bit expensive no doubt, but they should be experienced at least once in every skier’s lifetime.

• Winter Park Resort: Winter Park Resort is sunny nearly 70 percent of the ski season. This makes for great wide open runs and great visibility. With over 350 inches of the white stuff falling every year, this ski mecca is never at a loss for thrills. Lodging is available all around and many who visit the resort like to stay at the Winter Park Mountain Lodge which is just across the street from the mountain.

Again, there are many other wonderful Colorado ski resorts, but these are the best of the best. For great skiing, award winning food, and top notch lodging, nothing beats these destinations. Really no matter where you choose to ski in the great state of Colorado, you are bound to have a fantastic time, but at least once in your skiing career, you should try to make it out to the top four because if you do, you will have the time of your life and you will build memories that will last you a lifetime.

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Choosing Ski Resorts

One of the hardest things about booking a ski holiday is choosing between ski resorts. This is particularly true for first time holiday bookers. There are so many different ski resorts out there, each with their own different character and facilities. The mere existence of specialist ski travel agencies is testament to the enormity of the task of discovering the right ski resort for you.

The first issue is determining how appropriate the resort is for your proficiency level. The nature of mountains means that some ski resorts will be better for beginners, some better for intermediates and some better for experts. Some slopes are easier to ski down than others.

However, it is not just the shape of the mountain that has to be taken into consideration, it is also the provisions made for different skill levels and the facilities provided for. The facilities are particularly important if going on a family or group ski holiday where there may be people with you who do not want to ski all the time, or can’t ski at all. They will need things to do other than skiing, or at the very least, some excellent nursery slopes and a tremendous ski school to teach them how to do it.

But before even getting to the stage of measuring how appropriate a ski resort is for you, you have to narrow it down to pick one to measure. France alone has approximately 700 ski resorts dotted around the Alps.

The trick is to narrow it down to the country first. Most ski guides will offer overviews of the country generally before drilling down to individual resorts. You might be swayed by family affiliations or one or more of you may speak the language. You might be swayed by budget. If you can’t afford much, then Bulgaria might be for you. If you want a luxury ski holiday, then maybe Switzerland. Something in between? Try somewhere like Kitzbuhel in Austria.

Once you’ve narrowed it down to a country, it gets a lot easier. There will usually be five or six main ski resorts for each country that you can start from in your investigations, and ski guides are pretty clear about difficulty levels and the like. The main thing to remember when choosing a resort for your holiday is to leave yourself plenty of time before booking. It can be a very long job to choose one.

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The Best Ski Resorts in Bulgaria

It really doesn’t not matter whether you are an advanced or novice skier – it is the taking part that actually counts. Considering a destination for a skiing holiday is not easy, and this article explains the best ski resorts in Bulgaria.

When you decide to book ski holiday apartments in Bulgaria, it is a great choice in comparison to other European ski destinations. When choosing a ski resort in Bulgaria, there are a huge number of factors that you should consider before booking. Some key points include, availability and cost of flights and ski apartments in Bulgaria, quality of snow, proximity of your ski accommodation in Bulgaria to the slopes and you should also check what other activities are available in the ski resort. Here are three of the best popular ski resorts in Bulgaria

Borovets is the largest and modern style resort in Bulgaria and is situated 1390 meters above the sea level. The Borovets ski slopes usually have snow cover from mid December till April and this is why time after time, ski apartments in Borovets appear to be the preferred option for skiers, particularly for families. This is also due to the close proximity to Sofia airport and the fact that Borovets is a modern resort, having outstanding facilities.

Pamporovo is another popular choice situated on 1650 m above the sea level, but the transfer time is slightly longer in comparison to Borovets. It is the sunniest Bulgarian resort and has wonderful snow throughout the entire ski season which starts from mid December through to mid April. The resort is good for novice skiers and is ideal for children to learn skiing with the various ski schools in Pamporovo taught by experienced ski tutors.

Bansko skiing resort is the number one Ski resort in Bulgaria and they cater well for children and adult skiers. The nearest airport is Sofia (capital of Bulgaria) and Bansko is approximately 160km from Sofia Airport. Bansko boasts the best snow record in the whole of Bulgaria and its ski season runs from December to May. In recent years, Bansko has seen a massive amount of investment in new hotels, resort facilities and new luxury holiday apartments in Bankso. The town of Bansko is located 925 metres above sea level and its name originates from the old Bulgarian word “ban”, which translates to “master”.

These are the three main skiing resorts in Bulgaria and all you need to do now is decide which resort you prefer, then search for available flights and book your preferred holiday apartments in Bulgaria.

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Five Unexpected Ski Resorts in Europe

There are many countries in Europe which are not well known for their skiing but offer some lovely resorts none the less. Here are just five unexpected or lesser known ski resorts, which might have good options for cheaper last minute ski breaks:

Jasna, Slovakia:

If you are looking for a very affordable ski holiday for the family, then why not come to this, the largest resort in Slovakia. There are 47km of runs, 27km of which have snow machines which guarantee snow over a five month season, and also a wide park for free skiing. It is situated in the Low Tatra mountain range, easily and cheaply reached by train from Bratislava airport.

Bankso, Bulgaria:

Another cheap ski option is Bulgaria, where Bankso is the most popular ski resort. It is said to have the longest runs and a town resort crammed with Bulgarian culture. In spite of the affordability, there are some excellent options here for accommodation and food. Be sure to sample the wares of the some of the traditional ‘mehana’ or restaurants that the resort has on offer.

Poiana Brasov, Romania:

This is the most popular ski resort in Romania, located near the city of Brasov. It is a small but pleasant and uncrowded location, with good transport links to the main Romanian population centres. This is a lovely resort for families, and its ten main runs cover a range of bases. This resort is also well situated to explore the nearby area of Transylvania with the birthplace of ‘Dracula’ and the spooky Bran Castle.

Kopaonik, Serbia:

The Balkans are increasingly being recognised as a good location for affordable ski holidays. Kopaonik is the biggest resort in Serbia, and the most popular. It is well known as a family destination, with a peaceful atmosphere and beautiful scenery. At this compact resort, you can practically ski to your door, and all the facilities are within a short walk of each other, which is great for families with young children. Beginners are well served with a range of easy slopes.

Kolašin, Montenegro:

Kolašin is one of the centres of Montenegro’s mountain tourism, easily reached by both car and train, though relatively unknown as a ski resort. Montenegro contains one of the last true wildernesses on the continent, perfect for those who are sick and tired of the crowds of the better known European resorts. This small resort is the most modern in Montenegro, with six lifts. But it is not the on-piste skiing that you should go here for, but rather the untamed off-piste pristine slopes of the mountains to which this resort, and also another mountain centre, Zabljak, give access.

So, if you can’t quite afford the likes of Chamonix, St. Anton or Verbier, why not try out one of these lesser known, smaller resorts, which are still excellent for skiing or boarding. Look out the smaller resorts and you will not have to spend half your day queuing and will instead be able to concentrate on doing what you came for – enjoying your time on the snow.

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Tips For Writing a Ski Resort Review

If you have just returned from a great vacation at a ski resort, which might not be the best ski resort, but you had fun, you should write a review for that ski resort and pen down all your experiences, good or bad. Writing a ski resort review will help other people who want to plan a trip to ski. When they read your ski resort review, they will come to know what all to do when they reach the ski resort. Also, it will help increase future customers who based on your ski resort review will want to enjoy all the amenities and activities which you enjoyed. But while writing a ski resort review, you should take into account some points.

Note down the time of the year you visited the resort, its crucial.

If you want visited during a holiday, the resort might have been a little busy, and the customer service, amenities and waiting times might have been different than what they would have been had you visited during the quieter months, so, for a perfect review, it’s very important to mention the time of the year you visited the ski resort. You shall not miss small details while writing a ski resort review and try to share all the moments with the readers who will read it. You might also write a negative ski resort review if you had problems with the place or if the waiting time was more even if the visitors were less.

How was your actual skiing experience?

A person spending a fortune on a ski resort would definitely be interested in skiing, so this is one aspect you just can’t miss to add in your review. You should write about the slopes, the level of difficulty they offered, the kind of equipment, if the equipment was easily available at the resort itself, or you had to take yours along or rent it from a local vendor. The whole experience about how you felt while skiing needs to be penned down very carefully, therefore the most important thing while writing a ski resort review is the type of equipment and its availability. If you were no able to ski due to the faulty equipment then you should tell others about the possible problems they are bound to face.

About other amenities.

You should tell others about the crucial aspects of the resort. People reading your ski resort review should know if they have to come prepared for any circumstances such as bad quality food, or too much time wasted in a particular activity, try and add aspects like the educational relevance of the trip.

If you liked something, like an additional amenity, the quality of service, the kind of equipment, the dining area, children’s recreational area or maybe the general ambience of the whole place, you should speak out.

Finally, the Ski resort review should contain the website and other official information regarding the resort.Remember, the ski resort review is not only your experience, but also a great vacation for a future traveler.

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Things to Do in Las Vegas If You’re Not a Player

Consider the following insider tips that can let you maximize your stay in Sin City.

Dress comfortably.

Las Vegas is located in the desert. So, the temperature can reach 115 degrees during the summer. It is ironic, though, that even if you want to wear comfy clothes like tank tops, shorts or sundresses under the scorching heat, especially when you are strolling along the Strip or Fremont Street, you are likely to freeze when you go inside a casino. You may think that there is something in between, but there must be a reason why casinos have a tendency to control the thermostat at a surprising 60 degrees. Therefore, it is sensible to take along a light jacket or sweater to use when you enter. When you visit Vegas during the winter season (Halloween to Valentine’s Day), do not get deceived. You should definitely bring your jacket, especially when there is strong wind. Perhaps the blood of the locals is already thin because of living there, but be warned that it is much colder there than you can imagine. When it comes to shoes, fashion comes first before comfort in some places like Hakkasan, Marguess and Tao nightclubs. However, if you keep moving around in daytime going shopping, casino happing or falling in line at a tourist spot, use Tennis shoes or Birkenstock.

Take advantage of the 24/7 opening of establishments.

Since a lot of businesses either stay up late or 24 hours, it is easy to be spoiled by Las Vegas living. During travel, it can be upsetting if we cannot buy dinner after 9 pm or when grocery stores or gas stations are already closed by this time. Therefore, while you are in Vegas, eat whatever and whenever you want, even at 3 am only because you can. When you want to unwind after a show, you can hang out at a great spot like the Peppermill to get some dessert or cocktail. The coffee shop and lounge are open round the clock and have the ambience of Old Vegas. All major resorts along the Strip and in downtown Vegas come with bars and cafés that are open 24/7.

Enjoy people-watching.

If you are fond of people-watching, you can visit many wonderful spots in Las Vegas. Once you get to The Forum Shops at Caesars, go for patio dining at The Cheesecake Factory or Spago. No matter what you are eating, lunch or dinner, people visit the fountains in front of these venues. The other bars and restaurants that have patios which show unique views of tourists that stroll along the Strip are Cabo Wabo Cantina & PR Rock Bar and Grill at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino, Fatburger across CityCenter, Mon Ami Gabi at Paris Las Vegas, and Rhumbar at The Mirage.

Be an obedient pedestrian.

Always look to the left and the right when crossing the street. Pedestrians have to pay more attention while walking across the Strip. Traffic can be scary. Maybe it is the lights, dancing fountains, Eiffel Tower or erupting volcano. No matter what it is, it is quite difficult for drivers to obey the basic traffic rules. Therefore, when the instruction says “Walk” you still have to look to the left and the right and continue with caution.

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Two Ways to Explore Walled Medieval Lucca in Tuscany, Italy

Lucca is a captivating medieval walled city located in Tuscany, one of Italy’s most visited regions. The selection of a destination city can be either measured in hours or in days… day tripper versus slow traveler.

We encourage the latter whenever possible… so stop and smell the pizza!

The Day Tripper’s View of Lucca

With a relatively tight timeframe, the challenge is to see as many ‘highlights” as possible during a brisk march through town and checking off the must-see sites within the city’s walls such as…

The Statue of Puccini and his home/museum, or the Church of San Michele in Foro, or the Cathedral of St. Martin, or the Piazza dell’Anfiteatro (Roman Amphitheater), or the Torre delle Ore (Clock Tower), or the Torre Guinigi (Tower).

If time permits the day trippers may add a brief walk (up one ramp and down the next) on the tree lined pedestrian promenade known as the city walls… yep, been there done that… check the box and take a few pictures with your cell phone.

OK… you can say that you have just “seen” Lucca… but have you?

The Slow Traveler’s View of Lucca

Lucca is a fascinating city with a history dating back into the Etruscan and Ancient Roman times.

On our first visit to a destination, in addition to the normal research, one of our go-to options is to arrange for a private orientation tour.

We were fortunate to find Wanda Martinelli with “Lucca Tours” who met us on our first day and set our tourist compass for the rest of our visit.

We enjoyed a four hour walking history lesson which was enhanced by this talented storyteller who loves her work and is very proud of her ancestral roots.

Through Wanda, we were immersed in the real vibe of this area and were now armed with a list of the best restaurants, shopping, museums, concerts, must-see churches (there are nearly 100!), and sources for survival provisions such as wine, bread, pasta, cheese, and deli.

Views along the Walls of Lucca

Bicycles are the preferred mode of transportation inside and on the walls and, fortunately for us, our apartment rental included two bicycles.

We rode numerous times on the 2 ½ miles long, flat, garden-like pedestrian promenade situated on top of the ancient defensive walls that were actually designed by… Leonardo di Vinci no less!

Run, walk, ride or simply stroll along this elevated structure affords you with amazing views of the entire city below… very much worth the time and effort… and a little exercise doesn’t hurt.

On our travels we came across an exceptional photography exhibit featuring “Henri Cartier-Bresson” and as we continued our bike ride we observed numerous, large sculpture installations throughout the city that were created by the Italian artist “Rabarama”.

As a slow traveler you can simply… stop and smell the pizza!

The “Pizza da Felice” pizzeria is a popular small establishment and there is always a line to get in but well worth the effort. They specializes in creating pizza with a unique chickpea crust topped off with fresh, local ingredients. Also on the menu are the more traditional pizzas using a dough crust.. our favorite was overflowing with prosciutto… do not miss this one!

With a relaxed timeline we were able to enjoy a lite lunch at the renowned sidewalk café “Gli Orti di Vialisa” which has been a staple of Lucca for over three generations and serves regional specialties such as their version of Bruschetta Lucchese, Polpette di Nonna Bianco (traditional fried meat balls) and the unusual Sformatino di Verdue con salsa di Fegatini (vegetables pudding with chicken liver sauce).

On another occasion, we dined at the “Ristorante Giglio” which offers an amazing culinary experience with entrees such as Tortino ai Funghi… ricotta cheese and mushrooms in a pastry crust with chickpea sauce, and Polpo Croccante… grilled octopus with celery and black olives, and Mussels Risotto Zafferano… saffron risotto with mussels and followed by Maccheroni Lucchesi… squares of fresh pasta with porcini mushrooms.

How do they stay in decent shape still amazes us… must be all that bike riding and walking!

Lucca’s Favorite Native Son – Giacomo Puccini

Giacomo Antonio Domenico Michele Secondo Maria Puccini was born in Lucca on December 22, 1858 into a very well-established musical dynasty dating back to his great-great grandfather.

He grew up in Lucca and developed into what has been noted to be “the greatest composer of Italian opera after Verdi”… and that is saying a lot!

His birth home has been restored and turned into a small museum, but more importantly, his musical legacy is presented throughout the area in venues ranging from the Annual Summer Opera Festival to daily recital concerts held in various locations in the city.

We were fortunate to enjoy an intimate recital of “Madame Butterfly” in the Church of San Giovanni which was also the church where he was baptized. The setting was stunning and the acoustics were perfect.

The performances are varied from day-to-day and best of all the tickets are reasonably priced and readily available.

The Cathedral of Saint Martin

The legend goes something like this… in the 14th century the powers-to-be held a “contest” among a group of well-known artists tasking each of them to sculpt a support pillar for this Romanesque cathedral with its elaborate marble exterior.

When they were finished no winner was declared and no one was even paid for their efforts… and the powers-to-be got away with it, too.

The Cathedral also contains the most precious relic in Lucca… Volto Santo di Lucca is a wood crucifix with the image of Christ and was carved by Nicodemus, a disciple of Christ.


The medieval walled city of Lucca can be seen in one quick day but the essence and warmth of Lucca requires the investment of days rather than hours. Think of it like consuming a special meal or a good bottle of wine… savoring rather than gulping makes the difference between a memory and a digital image.

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Reasons Why Sailing Greek Islands Is An Unparalleled Excursion

Sailing Greek Islands, for most people, is an unavoidable urge to discover the buzzing sea shores of gigantic Aegean and Ionian seas, tranquil isle waters and the areas of unspoiled nature and distinct lifestyles.

Unfortunately, not all cruising adventures end up with a pleasing experience. No matter how much fun and pleasure Greek islands hold within, there’s no way you are getting all the best of those islands without a reliable cruising partner.

We have gathered for you a bunch of reasons to expose yourself to rich culture, history and adventure around the beautiful Greek islands.

But before we move to learn about benefits of sailing Greek islands, let’s first have a quick glance at perks of sailing holidays at all.

Sun + Sea +wind = Good Health

Getting yourself on a yacht, particularly in the sunny season, means getting access to a lot of healthy sea oxygen, sunlight and fresh air. All of these elements offer considerable health benefits like natural disinfection, improved mood, and enhanced cholesterol and Vitamin D levels.

Peace of mind and soul

Being around the sea makes you feel calmer not just because of the serene waters but due to saltiness of sea air. The air around the sea contributes to a more balanced level of serotonin (a human body chemical which is responsible for maintaining mood and emotional sobriety), which in turn leaves you happier and more joyful.

Relax and unwind

Cruising takes you away from the city crowds and rush of daily life for a while, reluctantly keeping stress and anxiety tamed.

In addition, the rhythmic movements of the yacht combined with the swooshing and splashing of the ocean water and the buzzes of the blowing wind helps calm a busy and strained brain.

These benefits indicate that sailing is not solely an enjoyable voyage adventure. hack clash royale In addition to soothing one’s wanderlust, sailing impacts your current physical well-being as well as psychological health.

So now each time you decide to embark on a sailing excursion, you are already aware that you are going to return as a much healthier and more stress-free human being.

Now, let’s uncover the best which has been kept for the last. Yes, the advantages of sailing Greek islands.

Explore the GREECE ON WATER sailing through the endless Aegean and Ionian Sea.
Discover the hidden island treasures, unspoiled historical sites, enchanting villages and marine biodiversity.
Enjoy a luxury stay on-board including single night accommodation at a 3 star or 4 star hotel in the beautiful city of Athens.
Learn sailing basics including simple procedures, terms and guidelines with expert sailors while on board.
Enrol for a certificate course (available only for 16+ years old) for Coastal Skipper Sailing License approved by the Greek General Secretariat of Sports.

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